People often ask me what I’m currently working on and so (following Derek Sivers), I’ve decided to add this page to provide some information to you about what I am focusing on right now and to help me keep track of my priorities

  • Settling into a new home in Brisbane, Australia and establishing professional and personal networks
  • Working with my husband to sell a business
  • Contributing to a research project being conducted jointly by a team from the Australian National University and the University of the South Pacific to examine the role of ‘green growth’ as a policy driver in the Pacific island region. You can read a briefing note about the project here.
  • Providing strategic and technical advice to the Office of the President in Vanuatu
  • Working with the Pacific Leadership Program to translate research into policy relevant knowledge products.
  • Developing my profile as an expert in Pacific research, analysis & strategy, e.g. through media appearances (here is a recent example), or by sharing with others what I have been reading and what I think about it
  • Assisting friends, associates, former students with professional development, deciding on study options and developing their networks
  • Networking (IRL and virtually) to identify projects that I can contribute to which are all about supporting development in the Pacific island region and require expert level research, analysis and strategy (see my LinkedIn profile here)